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Ristorante Beccofino

Ristorante Beccofino has a long history of excellence in the gastronomic traditions of Norcia. This quiet little restaurant/enoteca is owned and managed by Andrea, third-generation son of the Battilocchi family of restauranteurs. Following in the footsteps of his renowned father, Chef Vittorio, now deceased, Andrea’s culinary efforts are no less impressive.  His mother, Rosanna, is still in the kitchen, cooking up delectable dishes with the help of Rita, a most capable assistant, reaching the high standards visitors have come to expect from Norcia’s restaurants.

Our pranzo starts with an antipasto of paper-thin Capocollo, paired with artichoke hearts and a garnish of wild fennel and shavings of the famous black truffle, found in abundance in the Norcia region.   Despite their unappetizing appearance – truffles look like gnarly old black clumps of dirt – they are known and savored for their penetrating scent and very unusual taste.  They have been considered an exotic delicacy since Greek and Roman times.

Our meal features all the specialties for which Norcia is known, but the most memorable course is their Carré d’Agnello, melt-in-your-mouth tender lamb loin with a porcini mushroom gravy. Andrea’s father would be proud!!!

Piazza San Benedetto 7/A



Owner: Andrea Battilocchi