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Ristorante L’Antica Osteria

In the main square of the small town of Montone, a hilltop gem outside of Umbertide, one will find Ristorante Antica Osteria, an unpretentious restaurant that offers unforgettable cuisine. An old restaurant under the new ownership of two young brothers, this charming restaurant is not to be missed. The dining room is decorated is tones of burgundy and dark chocolate, heart-healthy colors. The cuisine is simple, yet rich and perhaps not ideal for the heart but perfect for the soul. And the view of the Umbrian countryside from the panoramic windows only enriches the experience.

Filippo serves while brother Luca, a self-taught cook, prepares the most delectable dishes focusing on the prize of local gastronomy – the truffle. The house antipasti are generous and varied – Chianina beef carpaccio al tartufo bianchetto, eggs scrambled and topped with the prized black truffle from Norcia, pork liver paté on crunchy bruschetta. The delicately flavoured black truffle is featured again in our first course, topping handmade taglierini, followed by Tagliata of beef with white truffles. All of these dishes are made even better by the use of some of the finest olive oil I’ve tasted.

The entire meal has been a Tartufo celebration, the ingredients perfectly balanced to create enticing flavours and beautiful dishes. How does one learn to cook like this on one’s own? An innate passion for food coupled with a deep respect for the land that provides it. Luca is not unlike many Italian chefs, but he is young and has already achieved real excellence. Bravo!

Piazza Braccio Fortebraccio, 5/6

06014 Montone (PG)



Owners: Luca and Filippo Fumanti