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Trattoria Osteria da Què Ganzi

Via Ghibellina 70r




Located in the Florentine neighborhood of Santa Croce, Trattoria da Què Ganzi is a quaint restaurant that could easily be missed and that would be a loss.  Its intimate, informal, friendly interior welcomes diners warmly, inviting them to sit at wooden tables on rush-covered farm-style chairs.  None of this homey simplicity hints at the superb quality of its cuisine.


Close friends, Domenico (pictured on the left) and Matteo, have created something extraordinary in a city that boasts many fine restaurants.  Domenico moves about among his guests assisting in their choices from a menu of typical Tuscan fare and seafood specialties.  From behind the scenes in the kitchen, Matteo takes popular Tuscan dishes to a whole new level of excellence, and then plates them as beautifully as the art that surround us in this Renaissance city.

While we enjoy the delicate flavors of the sformati, individual flans, one of potatoes and porcini mushrooms, the other the lovely green of cavolo nero, Tuscan kale, resting in a puddle of puréed cannellini beans, Domenico chooses our wine – a deep red, fruitful blend from the Friuli region. Matteo’s signature pasta comes next, paccheri (short lengths of a wide flat tubular noodle) crowned with a ragú of lamb with Parmesan shavings.  A full-bodied Montepulciano wine accompanies our secondi piatti, Peposo dell’Impruneta, a hearty veal stew in red wine with peppercorns and for my husband, a filet of cinta senese, Tuscan pork tenderloin.

Desert is followed by a glass of passito, aged nine years, the color of a sparkling topaz – a gem of a desert wine to end a richly satisfying meal.  When two friends dedicate themselves to a shared vision coupled with a profound passion for the culinary traditions of their region, the outcome is unbeatable.  Reserve your table!